Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Body Found In Estuary

On Wednesday the 22nd of March a local couple, Alison and Joe unexpectedly found a drowned  body in the Tasman estuary. Joe quoted "At first I thought It was someone swimming, but when the feet didn't move I got worried" Later investigations found that only the legs and feat still remain. It looks as if something over time has eaten the top half of the body. If you know of anyone that is missing please contacted your nearest police station.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Start Over

It was an ordinary Monday morning when I was checking my messages. All of a sudden my computer started beeping, I backed off unsure, Caboom! Sparks flew everywhere. Outside driverless cars bombarded the streets hitting people. The jug was overflowing with boiling water. The TV was wobbling off the hook.It doesn’t take long for me to realise what was happening.

I got some blankets, a flint and steel and a bit of food for the trip. Locking  the door I looked back to the town. The roads were curling up, slingshotting cars at people. Quickly I turned away and started trudging up the hill away from the town, away from danger.
It was starting to get dark, so I found a flat space, made a fire and cooked some sausages that I had brought with me. Once I was satisfied with my meal I lay down and fell asleep.

Tuesdays report: 89,600 people alive in New Zealand and still decreasing.
Boom! My eyes shot open, I looked to see what had made the noise. About fifty metres away a small plane had nose dived into the ground, it was probably aimed for me.  Above me I could hear a drone following me. “It’s probably a bomb,” I say to myself. I started running. The drone increased it’s speed, the trees swayed and then ‘whack!’ A branch from a nearby tree swung out, catching the drone square on, setting a bomb off. It was close, too close. It swayed a little from the impact and a was little singed from the explosion. Looking around at the trees I spotted a tree with flat branches all around. I gathered some branches and lay them across, making a strong platform for me to stand on. I lay down and slept.   

Wednesday's report: 10,000 people alive in New Zealand and slowly decreasing.
“Broom, broom!” I sat up startled. I climbed down from the tree. I could see a motorbike heading for me. I waited till it was near and then dived over it. It skidded around and headed straight back at me, but this time it jumped. Diving under it I kicked up sending it flying into trees. Scrambling up I saw three more. I Climbed up the tree and heard the engines coming even closer. Swiftly I swung up the last few branches, the motorbikes were at the bottom of the tree with their front wheel against the trunk, they looked like hungry crocodiles wanting food. All of a sudden a huge stag came charging at the motorbikes, throwing them around, smashing them. Steam came out from the motorbikes and the stag galloped away.

I stood there uncertain. A while after I had made up my mind, I would go back to the town. As I neared closer to the town I could hear the chaos, then I could see it, disaster. Everything was ripped up, destroyed. All man made things had disappeared...  

Sunday, 27 August 2017

My speech

And that is that
A doctor, a lawyer and a teacher were about to be sentenced to death by firing squad. As the doctor lined up ready for his final words in a stroke of genius he yelled out: Tsunami! All the soldiers ran away and in the confusion the doctor escaped.

Then it was the lawyer’s turn. As the guns went up he yelled “Avalanche!” and the same thing happened.
Next was the teacher. Hah he thought I can play that game too! And he yelled: “FIRE!” And that was that!

You may think this is just a silly joke but have you ever thought about your last words? Well that may be a little depressing since you're still so young, but wait till you hear these last words it might get you thinking.

Here’s a list of last words that you might want to say or not say, for example Carl panzram aka serial killer said “hurry up you hoosier bastard, I could kill ten men while you’re fooling around!” yeah you definitely wouldn't want to say that, and if that didn’t make it clear here’s another one “don’t worry it’s not loaded” said Terry Kath while playing Russian roulette. On the bright side you would definitely be remembered.
On the other hand you wouldn’t want your last words to be regretful, for example general William Erskine said “Now why did I do that” After jumping from a window in portugal 1813.

Oh and even worse imagine your last words being the cause of your death, like when one officer said to another officer in the trenches of WW1 “put out your bloody cigaret” for fear the smoke would give away their position but instead the noise led to a german sniper discovering where they were.

At least they had an adventurous life, not like Winston Churchill who was a British Prime Minister, whose last words were “I’m bored with it all”.
That’s definitely not what I would want to say, I would much prefer it to be funny.

Here I’ll give you some examples:
It’s so tame I can put my head in its mouth…
Don’t worry it’s not contagious…
Wow these windows are so clean…
Which wire was I supposed to cut?
Hey look a light at the end of the tunnel!
Trust me I know what I’m doing I saw it on TV
I’m sure this isn’t the ship’s self-destruct button, if it was why would they leave it lying around so anyone could press it.
Yeah, nah maybe not…

Anyway I guess I’m not quite sure yet and I hope I still have a while to think about it. But what do you think? Whatever you say make it a good one because you’ll never get a second chance and in the end everybody dies and that is that.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


In the last few weeks my class and the class bellow me, have been learning 
about injustice around the world.

                                                  We all got a subject my subject was                                                   Aboriginals, I had to make something                                                 to show what I had learned. At the end                                                   everyone had to showcase what 

                                                  they had learned. Most people made 
                                                  a slideshow, some people read from 
                                                  a peace of paper and some people 
                                                  did what I had made. I think the treatment of aboriginals is very sad and has made me realise how lucky I am.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The toilet

The musty smell of rusted corrugated iron fills my lungs. A small slit of mussel buoy creates a tunnel to an unexplored green shed. Excitement fills me as I see a closed toilet seat above me.
" Guys It's a toilet " I yell so the others can hear me. I push the white and dusty lid open and clamber inside the small stuffy opening. Crumbling paint markes the door 'please close door' I read with difficulty. The wooden floor creaks as I walk around taking in the scene. Clear plastic covers preserved and untouched toilet paper.
Yazzie's head popes out from the toilet seat.
"Wow" she says.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cold water

It was a warm sunny afternoon when my family camped by a river. Hot and sweaty we ran down to the calm eddy. I stepped in, the slimy rocks grabbed my feet pulling me in.  searching for air I clawed at the stones and hulled myself out.
lying snug in my sleeping bag with food in my tummy, I listened to mum read our book. "mum can you please read one more chapter" Kyla  and I pleaded. Mum said we weren't allowed to, so I lay back and listened  to the rushing waves beside me and fell asleep.